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What makes a homecare placement agency different from a homecare agency?

In order to help you receive the best care possible, at the best possible price, Elderlink Home Care, Inc. operates as a registry of self-employed caregivers. This allows you to obtain higher quality care at a reduced cost. You make the decisions regarding your care or the care of your loved one. The registry model of care is also called “Consumer Directed Care.”

Benefits of Consumer-Directed Care include:

Lower cost – As a placement agency, we are able to operate with lower overhead and a thinner profit margin. This translates directly to the rate your caregiver charges. Industry surveys have shown that the cost of care when using a homecare placement agency is at least 20 to 35% less than that of homecare agencies. Because of our low overhead, our caregivers are among the best paid in the metro-area, which allows us to attract quality caregivers to our registry.

Greater client participation – Nobody knows your needs better than you. With consumer directed care, you choose the type of care you need and determine the schedule that is best for you. Since you call the shots, you never have to settle for a less-than-perfect caregiver. We match you with the caregiver that best fits your situation. If at any time you feel your caregiver does not meet your needs, we will continue to work with you until you’re satisfied. Any time you need to cancel a shift, add a shift, or change the schedule completely, just give us a call. Again, you make the decisions in your care. Simply contact us, and we will facilitate the change.

Greater continuity of care – Homecare agencies employ their caregivers and set their schedules. Therefore, the agencies can reassign a caregiver from one client to another at their discretion. Elderlink will never remove your caregiver from the schedule that you arranged. Only you can decide to remove or replace a caregiver referred by us.

Stronger relationships – The direct result of having the same caregiver on a regular basis is a strong bond between patient and caregiver. This is an important aspect when considering the health of a loved one. An on-going relationship enables a caregiver to acquire the skills and familiarity that help to better tailor the delivery of care to that specific client.

Through Elderlink Home Care, Inc., you have access to the best caregivers in the metro-area. You tell us the type of care you need and the schedule that works best for you, and we will match you with the best caregiver available for your needs.

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